Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wedding gift ideas from Suzi Homemaker

We are in the midst of wedding season and I am reminded of the day nearly nine years ago when I wed my best friend, Steve. (This was before I quit my "real" job to become Suzi Homemaker.) We all know how expensive weddings can be and it seems when you attach the term "wedding" to any gift or item it seems to ratchet the price up tenfold. We did our best to cut costs where possible, but when it came to gifts for our attendants, there weren't too many affordable options.

Not long ago, one of the brides I worked with last year shared some photographs of items I embroidered for her wedding. This particular bride had some great ideas for saving money and I was all too happy to work with her to help make her day special. My bride had seen some personalized, full-zip warm-up suits in a bridal magazine that retailed for more than a $100 a piece. Full-zip warm up suits are easy to slip in and out of for a day at the spa or the day of the wedding, making hair and makeup a snap. She had wanted to purchase three--one for herself and one each for her maid and matron of honor--but the cost was prohibitive. She found some similar warm-up suits in a discount store and brought them to me for personalization. She wound up saving more than $200.

As another gift for her bridesmaids, my clever bride purchased personalized market totes, and filled them with the warm-up suits, hair spray, cosmetic bags, bottled water, snacks and all of the other wedding necessities. Her bridesmaids had everything they needed in one convenient, stylish tote which they will be able to use most every day.

I then worked with my bride to create some mementos for her parents and future in-laws. I purchased some handkerchiefs from one of my vendors and stitched a fall leaf (since the wedding was in October), along with the date of the wedding and the recipient's title (Mother of the Bride, etc.).

The wedding was such a success, that I am happy to report that there is a Babycape in the couple's future!

Photographs courtesy Studio C Photography in Frederick, MD!!!