Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ode to a lunch box

It's hard to believe that summer is almost over. I remember as a child counting how many days were left of vacation. It was right around the beginning of August the nerves and excitement surrounding back-to-school season started and Mom started stocking up on the myriad items my brother, sister and I needed for the first day of classes. From clothing, to shoes, to notebooks and pencils, perhaps nothing was quite as exciting as getting a new lunch box!!

Of course, when I was a kid, those metal, lead-laden lunch boxes (it's amazing we lived to tell about it) depicting images from television shows were all the rage. My favorite had to be the Partridge Family box with the picture of the colorful bus and cameos of the show's stars--David Cassidy was just so hot!!! (I realize I'm showing my age....)

Now that I have school-aged children of my own, I'm tickled to see them get excited about the prospect of a new lunch box! And since I am Suzi Homemaker, I just happen to have the most wonderful array of lunch boxes at my fingertips just waiting to be personalized!

My favorite line of products is by far frommint. Not only are they well-made (all products are 100% guaranteed: if anything breaks due to materials or craftsmanship within a year of purchase, they'll replace it) and lead- and pthalate-free, but they also are just the cutest things around. Check out the new navy apple lunch box above and you will see what I am talking about!

I happen to stash a mint. lunch box filled with snacks and juice boxes in my car so I have plenty of nourishment for the kids and myself while on lengthy car trips.

The first cousin to the mint. lunch box is the super-cute snack square, pictured here in the chocolate orange style. Don't let its compact size fool you, this surprisingly roomy bag is big enough to hold an ice pack, a sandwich, a juice box, a piece of fruit, bag of chips and a love note from Mom! Snack squares fit easily into my kids' backpacks (oh yeah, mint. makes matching backpacks, too, but more about that in a later post!).

"But, Suzi," I can hear you ask, "what about the television characters?"

Suzi Homemaker's got you covered with the Super Snack Square--mint.'s little cutie, made even cuter with super-cute designs! Give me a canvas (or in this case, a well-made nylon bag), and I will paint you the world!

Stay tuned for more posts on the latest and greatest in personalized items for back-to-school!