Saturday, January 10, 2009

Most children's items on sale at Suzi Homemaker - 25-50% off

I just finished marking down most of the children's items on my retail site--some by as much as 50 percent off! I am cleaning house (and inventory), making way for new items that I will be bringing back from the America's Mart in Atlanta.

Already low prices are even lower!

Check out the Hoohobber's Bibs and Munch Boxes on sale for $6 (regularly $12.50) and $12 (regularly $24) respectively. Limited quantities of most items are available as some are being discontinued by the manufacturer and some I am choosing not to re-stock. Quantities of items that are discontinued are listed in the drop down color/style menus on each item page. I will be out of town Jan. 11-13, so if items run out while I am away, I do apologize. Every attempt will be made to honor your requests! So scoot on over to and get while the getting is good!


blueviolet said...

I'll bet the Atlanta show is a crazy fun time! My mom owned a gift shop for years and years and she loved the gift show she shopped from. I think she had to go twice a year.

Suzi Homemaker said...

Awesome time in Atlanta! Met up with an e-friend and shopped all of the new styles. Would love to go twice a year, but I really missed my kids!!!