Thursday, June 4, 2009

Been a while....

...since I last posted. Crazy stuff going on here at the Sew Dojo. For some reason, business has exploded lately and for that I am grateful. It's a rainy day in West Virginia, Carly is home and managed to go down for a nap without too much of a struggle. I am trying to get caught up on internet orders. I think my machine is getting old, as am I--we're both creaking and misfiring more often than usual--we're both in need of some work!

I have had the privilege of working with some great local businesses: Oasis Tans (formerly Hollywood Tans) and the Charles Town Auto Wash. In these trying economic times I feel it is important to support local businesses as much as possible. The people that run these two businesses feel the same way and are calling on locals to help get their businesses off to a great start (Oasis Tans is actually coming out from under a franchise and are in the process of re-branding). Also, I've done some work for St. Joseph Parish School (am looking forward to working with them to provide the students with logo apparel next school year!) and got to embroider the Pink Ladies' jackets for a local production of "Grease."

My obsession with market totes continues. I tried, unsuccessfully, to purchase some totes directly from the manufacturer in China, but wound up getting ripped off--an expensive lesson in why it's some times necessary to employ a Middle Man!

My sweet little boy turned 5 on my 8th Wedding Anniversary! He has turned into quite the little man since beginning Junior Kindergarten at The Country Day School last November! One of his favorite presents he received was a whoopee cushion from his grandparents. He even wrote a song, which includes riffs and phhts from the device as well as some clever lyrics, "Farts like a lady--phht, farts like a man--phht-phht--brrr-rack!"

I've been re-connecting with some friends from college and high school, courtesy Facebook. Am amazed that one of the girls that I worked with on the ASU State Press actually has won a Pulitzer Prize amongst other honors for her investigative reporting. I always knew she would do well. Some classmates have gone to write and publish books, some are practicing law. I hope they all are happy. I am blessed to have been in their company. Some times I wonder what my life would have been like had I chosen to pursue a career in journalism. But then I look at what I have right now and realize that my path was chosen for me and that I am doing precisely what I need to be doing.

Life as Suzi Homemaker might not yield prestigious awards nor fame, but it truly is a reward--and something I have strived for since I was a little girl of Sophie's age. I can't recall wanting to be a reporter at the age of seven (I think that came at age 14), but I do remember wanting to marry a prince and have children of my own. And on that note, Lil' Crowder is up and wanting to cuddle--gotta go get me some lovin'.

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