Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Maxism #967: "Can you change my name?"

This morning I was in my usual manic state trying to get all three kids ready for school and out the door by precisely 8:06 a.m. I had pulled the kids' uniforms for the day and handed them to each child. When I handed Max his clothes I told him, "Please get dressed and then wash your face and brush your teeth. And be sure to put your pajamas in the hamper."

He took the clothes and then said, "If I do these things for you, will you change my name to M-A-X-X?" Not knowing where this came from or where it was going I did not want to commit to anything, so I merely laughed a bit and said, "We'll see."

When we were finally in the car and on our way, I made a point of telling the kids how well they did getting ready that morning without me having to nag them. From the back of the car I heard Max ask, "So, Mommy, now will you change my name to M-A-X-X?" He also muttered something about a tent and a battery.

"Well, we can't legally, but it could be your nickname," I suggested.

"No, Mommy! I want it for REAL!" he insisted.

Still not knowing what precipitated this all I could say was, "I'll have to talk with Daddy."

When I spoke with Steve later on I told him about the exchange.

"Wow!" Steve said. "I didn't think the tent and the battery had that much of an impact! When I took Max to WalMart the other day, we saw a tent with the name 'Maxx' on it. Then we went to Home Depot and saw a battery with the name 'Maxx' on it. I told Max 'wouldn't it be cool if your real name were M-A-X-X?' I didn't know he would take it so seriously!"

We decided we would tell him he can change it legally when he's 18.

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