Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Gotta get a Snack Square!!!!

I don't believe there ever has been a product more perfect than the Snack Square from my friends at mint. sweet little things. In fact, the Snack Square was one of the first embroidery blanks I ever purchased. Its utter cuteness won me over almost instantaneously and set in motion the formation of SuziHomemaker.net, but I digress...the reason I am waxing nostalgic is because I just sent the Homemaker children back-to-school with their brand new personalized Snack Squares and I, once again, was reminded how versatile these little bags truly are.
Don't let their compact appearance fool you, these bags are roomy enough to hold an ice pack, a sandwich or Lunchable, juice box, piece of fruit, two packages of crackers (my kids get hungry at school--gotta feed those HUGE Homemaker brains!), utensils and a love note from Mom! (I kid you not! The proof is in the picture above!) A zip top makes them easy to stuff and two adorable handles makes them easy to carry. Snack Squares fit perfectly into your child's backpack. I am pleased to report that just about every Kindergartner and Second Grader (this year we conquer Smart Start!) at the Country Day School has one of these in their possession--they make excellent gifts!

Not only are they great for packing lunches and snacks, but they also serve a multitude of other purposes. Snack Squares can be used to store CDs or DVDs to keep them cool while in the car. They can be used to carry portable game systems and games. Stuff them with small wine boxes and give them as a housewarming gift. Fill them with toys, balloons and noisemakers for the ultimate goodie bag or stuff them with hot, moist washcloths to use at your next Mary Kay party. Max has one he carries his Matchbox cars in and one for his Thomas trains. The girls use them to store hair bows and Polly Pockets. I have a local preschool that purchases Snack Squares for each new student because they stack so nicely in the refrigerator at school! They also can be used to store breast milk bottles.

Have I convinced you yet? You gotta get a Snack Square! What will you put in yours?

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The Redhead Riter said...

Totally love these! The embroidery really adds to it and fancies it up.