Sunday, January 31, 2010

Susan G. Komen fundraiser--yes, I cheated!!!

Today (or I guess yesterday is more accurate since it's after midnight!) I participated in a fundraiser for some friends who are participating in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk in October (it's not cheating--it's all toward the greater good!).

It was a nice event--a vendor showcase at a local hotel. Unfortunately, Mother Nature decided to leave her calling card and whallup us with eight inches of snow!! Still, I met a lot of nice people and had the opportunity to learn more about one of my friend's previous walks. I was telling her how emotional I get whenever I receive a donation and said I am probably going to be crying the entire weekend of the walk. She started telling me some of her stories. She told me how people cheer you on and at the end of the walk, participants will remove one of their shoes and hold them up in tribute to people who have battled breast cancer. She also told me how the first year, a man came up to her crying and hugged and thanked her for walking for his wife who had died just a month earlier. The next thing I know I'm bawling right there.

It just further reinforced what I knew when I signed up for the event: This is going to be an amazing and emotional journey. Thanks for joining me as I travel down this path toward putting an end to this disease.


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