Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another Suzi Homemaker giveaway

Okay--this is getting ridiculous! I keep giving stuff away...what's wrong with me? I've had a number of requests for reviews/giveaways from mom bloggers lately and I can't seem to say, "No."

The latest request was from Amanda at A Window to My Crazy Life . She has reviewed a couple of products for me and is now hosting a $30 giveaway. Just visit her blog, then visit my retail site (take your time, look around, make note of all of the new stuff I've added recently, make out your Christmas lists, tell all of your friends about all of the cute stuff), then go back to her blog and write a comment about what you would use the money toward should you win. The contest ends at noon CDT on Sept. 4, so scoot on over there and submit your comment. Winner will be chosen by

It is getting close to the holiday season and I do need to start earning some money to pay for presents for the fam, so I may need to slow down on the reviews for a bit and start actually selling some merchandise. I try to keep my prices reasonable, so I hope that you will keep Suzi Homemaker in mind when it comes to gift-giving this year!

P.S. I do know that there will be two more contests in the very near future, so I will keep you apprised of those!

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