Monday, September 29, 2008

Suzi Homemaker's sure-fire stain remover

Recently my sister, Vicki Homemaker, came to the Sew DoJo with a problem all of us have encountered at one time or another--a stain on one of her favorite shirts. Vicki lamented over the fact that this particular shirt was an expensive knit from Chico's in a very complementary shade of blue and that she had only worn it a couple of times before she spilled something on it, rendering it only suitable for what we call "makeup-free, not-for-public-consumption chore days."

Well, Vicki had come to the right place.

We went through several of my design catalogs searching for the perfect "stain remover," and settled on "Fashion Lady," as pictured here. I just embroidered the image over the stain and now Vicki can wear her shirt--with makeup--out in public again.

So the next time you get a stain on one of your favorite shirts, just send a shout to Suzi Homemaker and she'll make the old new again!

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