Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Max-ism #489: The cotton candy is controlling me!

On Sunday, I had taken Sophie to The Parade of Horses in town while Steve set up our Christmas Yard Art and tree with Max and Carly. On the way home, Sophie convinced me to buy a bag of cotton candy.

When we got it home, she graciously shared it with Max and Carly. A little while later, Max was getting a little rowdy. When Steve told him to settle down, Max stuck his tongue out at him and blew him a raspberry. Steve picked him up and carried him up to his room where he sat for several minutes. When Max's timeout was finished, Steve went up to talk to him.

Steve: "Max, you know you're not supposed to stick your tongue out at people, especially Mommy and Daddy."

Max: "I know. Something got in my head. It's the cotton candy. It's controlling me!"


Anonymous said...

That's so cute! I love the things kids say!

Regina Bertrand said...

LOL, how adorable! That little stinker. The mouth of babes. He is so precious.