Monday, December 29, 2008

Suzi Homemaker teams up with Grandma Rocks

A little while back, I received an email from Robin from Grandma Rocks about teaming up with her and Grandma to develop some personalized gifts for Grandmas and their grandkids. If you are not familiar with Grandma Rocks, you must visit the site and learn more. Grandma Rocks is a CD of 13 children's pop songs that were written and created by Grandma (EMMY AWARD-winning composer Elissa Oppenheim Schreiner), and performed by Grandma and other well-known (and some not so well-known!) instrumentalists and vocalists.

According to the website, Grandma set out to make an album that would entertain both children and adults alike. She found that adults become almost immune to some children's songs by artists that utilize the same sound for every song. Although those songs are easily identifiable by children, adults become bored and tune out the music, creating a disconnect from what otherwise could be a positive musical experience with their children.

To overcome that disconnect, Grandma created a more adult sound with different rhythms, and used lyrics that everyone can relate to resulting in a mixture of sounds that represents many different musical genres.

I don't know about your kids, but my kids can DANCE! They are particularly fond of shaking their little dupas (Czech for bottoms or butts) in time to the beat. Whenever I have Grandma playing on my computer they stop what they're doing and come into my Dojo and start to MOVE! So you not only have my endorsement of Grandma's music but my kids', too, and we all know that that is what is most important.

So be sure to check out her site and sample some of her tunes, and then pop into Grandma's Shoppe and pick out some great gifts for Grandma and grandkids alike.

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Robin said...

I think it's time that your kids have the entire Grandma Rocks CD. Have your kids check the mail this week. I'll be sending one out to them.

Thanks so much
Grandmas Shoppe