Monday, July 6, 2009

Double Applique 4th of July tees by Suzi Homemaker

Every year since the kids have been born I always buy them 4th of July tee shirts. This year, the fourth arrived and I had not purchased the requisite shirts. What's Suzi Homemaker to do? I went through my massive stash of blank tee shirts and scrounged up three white ones for the Homemaker children. I went to one of my favorite design websites, Five Star Fonts, and purchased some of their patriotic applique designs they had on sale.

The one I selected was a double applique design. I hooped the shirt, then, in a second hoop, I hooped the outer applique fabric, stitched the outline, then trimmed the design out. Then I stitched the applique position on the tee and adhered the large applique to the tee shirt with spray adhesive. Then I hooped, stitched and trimmed out the inner applique fabric. Then I placed the tee shirt back on the embroidery machine and stitched the applique position on the first applique. For some reason, there was not stop inserted on the design, so before the machine satin stitched the appliques in place, I had to stop it and position the second applique on top of the first.

They turned out really cute and the kids managed to keep them clean just long enough to snap a picture.


Angie Vinez said...

Oh, man, Suzi! You always blow me away! The shirts are absolutely adorable.... and so are the kiddos!

Love it, love it, love it!

Suzi Homemaker said...

Thank you, Angie! It was fun making them--I love doing applique!