Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Darn Leprechauns!

Well, those wee men caused quite a raucous at our home this evening. It seems Max and Sophie have been learning quite a bit about St. Patrick's Day and Leprechauns at The Country Day School this week. This morning, Max announced he was going to catch a Leprechaun at school today, but, in retrospect, it seems the Leprechaun caught him.

Now, I check the kids' backpacks every night and pull their daily folders, remove papers, go over agendas, etc., but this evening, I was thrown for a loop.

At one point, and I don't know why, Sophie went into Max's backpack and found that there was ranch dip smeared all over the inside of his backpack and on his folders. I swear it was not there this afternoon. Max was just squealing, "It was the Leprechauns! We tried to catch them at school! They peed green glitter in our potty!"

Okay. The kids get a hot lunch on Mondays that includes carrots and ranch dip, but I emptied his backpack yesterday and there were not any carrots nor ranch dip to be found. Also, my routine is to empty the kids' backpacks when they get home from school, and I adhered to that routine today and found nothing amiss--I swear there were no carrots nor ranch dip to be found!

Sophie and Max were so excited and very pleased with the assessment that Leprechauns had caused some commotion that could not be directly attributed to them. I thought they would have been afraid (I am more than a little freaked out!), but yet they were very pragmatic about the somewhat strange occurrence.

I, for one, am glad this day is over. As much as I love St. Patrick's Day and a little mischief every now and then, I can do without the extra shenanigans and mess!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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Pat said...


Since my children are now all adults, I don't get that much excitement any more, so thanks for sharing. I did get a good chuckle from the goings-on at your house.