Monday, March 2, 2009

New market totes, other goodies being added to retail site

While attending the Atlanta Gift Market back in January, I was able to track down a couple of different vendors for the collapsible market totes that were so popular over the holidays. These are so roomy and great for hauling stuff to parties or for packing snacks for long road trips. A friend of mine uses one of hers in her guest bath and has it stocked with plenty of clean towels. There are so many uses for these versatile bags. With Mother's Day coming up, I'm sure you will find many welcoming recipients. I have plenty of these in stock in black, brown, red, bright green and royal. There are a few prints left over from Christmas, but they are going fast.

Additionally, I found a vendor for some shallow, double-handled market totes. These have two mesh pockets on the inside to stash keys, coins or other small objects. They come in some really cute patterns, too, such as the brown floral pictured here. I'm putting together a nice gift basket for a friend's housewarming party (shhh--don't tell!), which I'm going to fill with some applique/embroidered tea towels, a bottle of wine and some other goodies.

Prior to attending the Market, Sophie had asked if I could make her a tote bag in which to carry all of her Webkinz. Well, wouldn't you know, I stumbled upon this very thing, created by Meredith of Jackpopz. I snatched up a bunch of them to sell on my site and stitched one up special for Sophie. The Jacecase, pictured here, is large enough to hold six large-sized Webkinz (wouldn't you know that Sophie got a few more Webkinz for her birthday, so now her Webkinz will have to take turns in the carrier). Coming in April is an adorable camo backpack from Jackpopz that will hold large-sized Webkinz and it also has little holders on the straps for Matchbox cars. I can't wait to get my hands on those.

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